TALES OF KIND GRANDPARENTS is a book for grown-ups, not for children! TKG will show you how stories can become means/tools and by them the destiny of humankind can be signaled/prefigured; presents you perennial truths encrypted in wisdom jewels and helps you feel the superior vibrations of bright green on our planet. It is contraindicated to immature people, because it is conceived as an allegory, atypical, with musical tones, that stimulates one’s intelligence and wisdom. Amuses, heals wounds, touching historical sensitive issues, discovers human errors that influence masses, but which could be avoided by correct forms of thought, brings to the faithful a good measure of the light of latest revelations, elegantly rebukes institutional faults and others. You can find it on Amazon (uk/de/it), but you can also offer to your dear ones. The Kind Grandparents receive you in their heart.

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